Friday, June 12, 2009

Summer Swimming

Well another session of swimming lessons is over and both the kids passed YEA!
Braxton was Mr. No Fear this year I am sure height played a huge part.
You always feel safer in deep water when you can touch the bottom.

I was most amazed at how good he did the Back Stroke which has been very hard for him.
Megan did great, it might be because she is in love with her teacher, but hey whatever gets her swimming is good for me.
He really did a great job and even had her in the deep water floating alone.
Now we will just have to practice while we are on vacation, maybe we will be able to throw them in a lake or two in CANADA!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A little Angle laid to rest

Today I am really missing my family as they gather together to lay to rest my little sisters stillborn baby Jeferey Haven Auble.
Last week they discovered during an ultrasound that he had anencephaly, which is a disease that affects the formation of the Brain. It has been a hard couple of days for them and today they are having a memorial service for him at the Brigham City cemetery. I really wish I could be there, it is at times like this that living 16 hours away is the hardest.
They have been truly blessed with many tender mercies from Heavenly Father that have helped them along the way. I miss you all and send my prayers and blessing.