Friday, July 30, 2010


Well another summer is almost over, as we are starting up school again on the 4th of August. I thought I had better get our summer vacation posted before I have to go back to work only to discover that half my pictures have been erased. AHHHH, but here is what I was able to salvage of the fun we had:


Isn't this the most beautifulest building? I feel in love, but I am a sucker for the old Victorian style. We tried to get to the top room of the highest tower, but it was locked =(.
We had a lot of fun directing EFY this year, it was probably our most favorite year ever. The kids and counselors were so much fun.

We also got to try for the first time FRIED PICKLES, and all I can say is YUMMY!

After EFY we headed to RFL with my family to do a little camping. The kids enjoyed playing in the water every day, unfortunately all the pictures of us playing are gone and all I had left were of us playing in the river.

Then to finish off our 3 1/3 week adventure we spent a few days playing with the Manwaring Clan:
Braxton made 10$ doing a handstand for Grandpa.

Then grandpa taught Braxton to drive the lawn mower. Braxton thought it was all fun, but really Grandpa got his 10$ worth of a fully mowed lawn.

And, little miss I can do everything you can do DID IT TOO! all by herself.

The kids and parents too just enjoyed hanging out with all the family.

We had lots of fun playing with all our family this summer. Thanks everyone for making our Summer Great!