Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Funnest Chore Ever

We have been keeping 2 liter bottles of water in our shed for years and years for our food storage, and finally we decided to get 5 gallon containers instead.  Now came the chore of emptying all those 2 liter bottles out.  So we invited a bunch of the neighbor kids and told them to empty all the bottles.  Megan said in the end " THIS WAS THE FUNNEST CHORE EVER" I'm just glad she thought so.

And, yes we have begun another season of soccer.  So far it has kept us busy and wears the kids out enough that they are ready for bed by 8pm every night.

Friday, September 10, 2010

All's I Want For Christmas????

Megan was a little bored last night when she went to bed so she decided to pull out her other front tooth. Now we will just call her the toothless wonder, and of course I had to teach her the song
" All's I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth"

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

End of Summer Fun

Well however much I wish summer isn't really ending here in Arizona yet, but I thought I would post a few last end of Summer Break happenings.
Brian has been trying to decide what next to do in the back yard and has decided to add an arbor to our fire pit / patio. I am not sure I want the area enclosed, he really want to do it.
What do you all think?
Brian has already started Braxton with driving lessons WHAT!!!
Megan and I have decided to try our hand in beaded watch bands. This is Megans first one and we are patiently waiting for our next shipment of beads to come to make us some Halloween ones.
We have been getting a lot of rain and last Sunday went for a walk and got a wonderful surprise.
This Beautiful rainbow.

And last of all Megan finally lost one of her top loose teeth. They have both been loose since April, and finally we got one out now we just need to work on the other one. We might have to have aunt Beth come for a visit ;)