Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Tangled 8

So my baby girl is 8 ahhhhhhhh… where did the time go.  We had a little party for her with some friends, it was all themed around the movie Tangled.

We made paper lanterns and put glow necklaces inside so they would glow.

Megs bday 8...seminary bowl...april2011 033Megs bday 8...seminary bowl...april2011 040Megs bday 8...seminary bowl...april2011 071See the glowing??? 

I promise they looked better than the picture is showing.

We roasted Hot Dogs on the fire and had a picnic on our new grass.

Megs bday 8...seminary bowl...april2011 036Megs bday 8...seminary bowl...april2011 042

Then we hit a piƱata with a frying pan of course.  By the way thanks Lisa for the fun idea the girls loved it.

Megs bday 8...seminary bowl...april2011 053

Finally we settled them down to watch the movie TANGLED in the backyard on the big screen. 

Overall Megan said it was a great birthday.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

A little piece of green heaven


BEFORE:  Here was our backyard when we moved in, and of course we just couldn’t leave it like this. . . .


So we pulled out those ugly bushes . . . .


Brought in some good dirt . . . .


Built us a delicious and beautiful garden . . . .


Added a super fun fire pit . . . .

04.2009 009Arbor posts

Planted us some Peach trees . . . .

Jan 2010 009

And finally got us some beautiful, green, green, grass.

march.apr2011 017

AWWW the perfect non-Arizona yard. 

march.apr2011 021