Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Easter, Birthday, and Scout Camp

So I have been sitting here all afternoon waiting and waiting for the repairman to come fix my dryer and as I am approaching the 4th hour of waiting, I thought why not up date my poor neglected blog. So here goes . .


We had Beth's family here for Easter, so the Easter Bunny was kind enough to give each kid there own color of egg to find. Here is what they woke up to.

The kids looked very hard to find all there eggs. Even Zane got into the action. I think his favorite thing to do was find the kid's bags and grab their eggs.

Next on the agenda was Megan's Birthday. I am sad to admit that not many pictures got taken because mom was not feeling well that day. But, she had a wonderful day which she had planned completely out for us:
It began with presents at a breakfast of crepes, then dinner at Texas Road House, where she had to ride the bull. Then on the weekend she had her best friend sleep over and we ended with a swim at the city pool.
She said it was a great Birthday. I am so glad!

We end with Braxton's 1st overnight scout camp out.
He and his dad had a blast!