Sunday, June 2, 2013

12 Years/ 12 Weeks: Week 12 A Road Well Traveled

12 Years ago we embarked on a journey 
down I-15 to Hwy 89 to I-10 to Hwy 90 
to a little out of the way town of Sierra Vista AZ.  

Little did we know that this journey would be traveled many, many times with two kids and many forms of entertainment.  

We have seen the beauty of the desert as we have made this journey and as we get ready to embark on our last drive down this path I am reminded of all the many things we have seen along this journey.

We always knew we are close to home when Picacho Peak and Cacti came into view

We have traveled through Flagstaff, Page and Kanab on our preferred route to UT

We have seen Lake Powell Countless times and have even stopped for a quick dip

We have driven the Las Vegas way and seen Hoover Dam and watched over these last 12 years as the big bridge was built over it

We have traveled through the Joshua Forest and seen the strange beauty of the Desert

And on Wednesday we will stop one last time at a great wonder of this world that we have been able to experience from Brian having the opportunity to hike rim to rim with the YM or a husband/wife get away to experience a great beauty of this desert.


We have truly traveled this road many miles and will embark one last time as we say good bye to this great adventure

Today the words to a song keep running through my mind and sum up how I am feeling as we leave our 12 year home so I end these 12 weeks with them

Together Forever Someday

Words and Music by Michael McLean

Well, it's hard to say good bye and let go
And it's hard to see it end
When the mem'ries we've just made
May never happen again.

But it's harder for time to ever erase
The together times we've shared.
So, when we're apart remember
All the love we shared together

And for all that love,
Thank the Lord above
Who showed us the way
That we can be together, forever someday