Sunday, April 15, 2012

She’s 9

Another birthday has come and gone and my baby girls is 9

This year she informed me she wanted a kindle fire and a ice cream sandwich cake for her birthday.  I quickly let her know that I would not be giving a nine year old her very own kindle fire, but I could figure out how to do a ice cream sandwich cake so I turned this….

megs cake 2012

into this….

megs cake 2 2012

We got her a new big bike instead of the kindle fire. 

Which I think she loved just a much.

megs 9th bday 039megs new bike 2012

We also had a small dance party. 

The girls made flip flops and danced all night.

megs 9th bday 015megs 9th bday 017megs 9th bday 011

And at the end of the forever

long birthday weekend. 

“ This was the best Birthday ever.” 

Whew another successful year done.