Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Weekend Getaway

AHHHHHH the COOL mountain air and FALL. Two things I really really miss.
We got to spend the weekend with Shane & Tammy in Flagstaff
it was so much fun.

We started by going to an Arbouretium
where the kids played in a Sunflower maze.
They had a lot of fun running around it and trying to find their way out.
Then we ended the day with a ride to the top of the Snow Bowl.
Where us wimpyArizona Manwarings FROZE!!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Today is Anniversary number 12.

I can hardly believe that we have been married that long. I have been very blessed to be married to such a wonderful man, and great father.

We celebrated by going to the Copper Queen Hotel in Bisbee. Bisbee is a little mining town that is only about 45 min. away. It reminds me of Park City in Utah, only before being discovered by any one with money.

Brian reserved the John Wayne room (of course). Beth was nice enough to come and stay with the kids so we could go. She even got all 5 kids up and to a 8am soccer game. Thanks Beth we sure love you.

Sunday, September 7, 2008


Soccer has begun once again for our family.
It started Saturday morning with Braxton's game at 7:30 am. Which was a blessing, because it wasn't too hot yet. Braxton did so good that he even got a goal. Which is a big deal since last year he only got one goal the entire season. YEA BRAXTON.

Megan's game was at 9:30 and we fried. She did really good though especially since last year after the first game she told us she wanted to do ballet instead. I am sure it helped that she is one of the older kids this year. She made 3 goals, but we don't count at that age RIGHT!!!

Don't you love the highlighter yellow uniforms? Megan's coach picked those out special so we wouldn't lose any of our kids at the opening ceremonies. When you have over a thousand kids in one place its nice to have highlighter yellow on.