Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer Begins

I thought I would start with May,
since it was a very busy and exciting month for us.
We are blessed to have a new temple that is an hour closer for us to travel.(2hrs. instead of 3) The best part has been that we have been blessed to be a part of its dedication. Brian got to spend a lot of time with the youth in getting ready and putting on the cultural event for the Prophet, then Braxton and I along with Brian all were able to be in the Temple for the dedication. I only wish Megan had been one year older and I would have had my entire family inside the temple together. But we are very excited for this new Temple and the new opportunities it has already brought our family.

For the month of June we have been trying to stay busy so that the wait to go on vacation would go by fast. I decided that by the end of summer I want to have a garage sale to get rid of all the junk cluttering our house. I started with the kids rooms and we have super cleaned and de-cluttered their rooms. In doing so I decided that Megan could really use a new, girly bed so we took her only one, sanded it down, painted it white and added a little girly touch.

She loves the new bed, but now we might have to do the same to the rest of her furniture so that it all matches.
We have also been having our yearly swim lessons and both my kids have really become little fish in the water.
Megans biggest feat this year was jumping off the diving board all by herself.
And, for the first time ever Braxton passed a new level of swimming the first time. His teacher said that he worked very hard. He has really become a great swimmer, I even told him that I would no longer force him to take swimming lessons, but I think that now he enjoys them enough to keep going.

Now we are down to 1 week and the kids will go spend some time with Grandma/pa Williams while Brian and I head to Virgina for EFY. I can't wait!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

3rd Ward High Adventure

This week 3rd Ward Young Men went to Sedona. We camped and did day trips around the area we did alot of things from biking, hiking, swimming and caving. Some unscheduled actvities involved dropping tents and a visit from some jedish people. I love being with the Young Men, but I am excited to come home and snuggle with my wife!