Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Here are some late posted photos of our fabulous Thanksgiving with the Owens and Petersons.

The Deseret Museum

Thanksgiving 2011 014Thanksgiving 2011 016Thanksgiving 2011 020Thanksgiving 2011 029Thanksgiving 2011 032Thanksgiving 2011 024Thanksgiving 2011 025Thanksgiving 2011 035

Megan made a new friend

Thanksgiving 2011 042

Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving 2011 051Thanksgiving 2011 054Thanksgiving 2011 057Thanksgiving 2011 060

After Turkey relaxing time

Thanksgiving 2011 063Thanksgiving 2011 064Thanksgiving 2011 068

And the Jumping Club

(You know you want to join)

Thanksgiving 2011 065

Thanks Beth for a great Thanksgiving

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Lego Robotics Competition

Braxton has been on a Lego Robotics team this year at school and yesterday was the big regional competition. 

JCMS Lego Team

Here they are practicing their verbal presentation on E-Coli

Lego Competition 2011 003

Here they are all set up in the pit waiting for their time to compete.

Lego Competition 2011 005Lego Competition 2011 008

Braxton’s turn at the robot mission pest control.  It worked great in all the practices, but poor BoB( the robots nickname) got stage fright and his mission was unsuccessful =(, however the team ended up in 8th place in the robot missions category.  Go JCMS!

Lego Competition 2011 015Lego Competition 2011 018Lego Competition 2011 023

Waiting for the judges to start the awards ceremony.

Lego Competition 2011 029

Awards ceremony: 

The good news we don’t have to go to state competition and we learned so much that next year we will do awesome.

Lego Competition 2011 035

Braxton High Fiving all the judges.

Lego Competition 2011 037

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Halloween Fun

Here are some pictures of all our Halloween fun.

Spooky eyes

Halloween 2011 002

playing games at the stake

Fall Family Fun Fair



Drilling Pumpkins

Halloween 2011 005

Braxton’s drilled pumpkin


Megan’s regular carved pumpkin


And finally our Pink Ninja

ready to get her some candy