Monday, March 22, 2010

Been to long…

Ok, so it has been way to long since I updated our blog.  Tonight I pledge to do better!

Lately we have been to busy to enjoy the nice spring weather we have had and so on Saturday we loaded up in the truck and headed to the mountains where it was rumored that water really does flow in the dry creek beds of Arizona.

And yes the rumor is true, I was so excited that I had to take pictures.  Besides I may never see this again and now I can have the lasting memory of once was.

Feb..March 2010 101

Even Ruffert got in on the enjoyment of a true spring outing.

Feb..March 2010 077

Aren’t Dads great to take the time to roll up your pant legs only to have you get them soaked anyways!

Feb..March 2010 095

We also were able to do a little hiking and enjoy the beautiful view of our little town of Sierra Vista, AZ

Feb..March 2010 071


I am sad to say, but my little boy is getting big.  Braxton had his 11th Birthday this past week, became an 11 year old scout, and decided his next goal in life is to be taller than his mom by his next Birthday. (which will not be too hard to do)

 Braxtons birthday 009 Feb..March 2010 047