Monday, June 27, 2011

Boys Camp

So both my boys headed to camp this past week.  It was Braxton’s 1st Boys camp and he was super excited.  Unfortunately with all the fire craziness going on at our house we did not get any pictures of them heading off, but here are some of their fun week.

Boys Camp 2011 002

Boys Camp 2011 003   Boys Camp 2011 010Boys Camp 2011 019    Boys Camp 2011 025

Boys Camp 2011 034

Boys Camp 2011 035    Boys Camp 2011 009Boys Camp 2011 044    Boys Camp 2011 045

It was a great week, Braxton was a real trooper.  He got stung by a bee while trying to make his clothes into flotation devices for his swimming merit badge, he sliced his finger open with his new pocket knife, and he fell out of the hammock while trying to sleep one night, but hey what is scout camp with out some scar souvenirs.

Even with all this going on he was able to finish 4 and 1/2 merit badges.  Had can’t wait to go back next year.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

More Fire Devastation

So…  Just when I posted and thought that the worst of the fire was over, Sunday came with 50 mph winds.  It is amazing what high winds will do to fire.

This is from our front yard.

monument fire 2011.1 008

These are pictures I stole from people who were much more daring than I at getting close.

monument fire 4monument fire 5monument fire 1monument fire 8

Many people lost homes Sunday night, even some good friends.  I am at awe.  It is funny I always thought that disasters happened everywhere else and we were safe because we do not have tornados, hurricanes, flooding or other problems, but I learned this week that disasters happen everywhere.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Service for the Firemen

Check out this link to see my boys helping the Firemen to move out all their donations.

Monument Fire nears Sierra Vista

Boy Scouts from several local troops sort through bottled water for evacuees and firefighters donated by the community at Fry Fire Department Station #2 in Sierra Vista, Ariz., on Saturday June 18, 2011. Photo by Greg Bryan, Arizona Daily Star

Our So-Called Calm Summer

So we thought this summer would be so calm and even a little boring since we were not really going anywhere, but who knew that staying home this year would be where all the excitement was.

This is the Monument fire that started Sunday, June 12th.  This is night one right out my front door.

Monument Fire 6.12.2011 004

By the next day we thought things had calmed down, but then on Tuesday/Wednesday the winds hit and sent the fire across the Hwy into residential areas and about 1/3 of our ward was evacuated.

Monument Fire 6.12.2011 008Monument Fire 6.12.2011 011

After that we thought we had seen the worst, but Mother Nature was not cooperating and Thursday brought a second fire that started on Fort Huachuca and many more evacuations.

az monument fireaz monument fire 1

Thankfully no lives have been lost.  I have witnessed great love and support as many calls have come through our home to find housing for many of our ward members.  Hopefully things will continue to get better and families will be able to return home soon.

Friday, June 3, 2011


To start off summer vacation we decided to go camping!

May 2011 079May 2011 090

We spent 4 days in Sedona and had a blast.

We finally made it to the red rock slides and boy were they FREEZING!

May 2011 096May 2011 100May 2011 120Shan on the slide

The boys even tried a little cliff jumping

May 2011 138May 2011 141

We took in a beautiful hike

May 2011 158May 2011 167May 2011 177May 2011 181May 2011 189

And just had fun!

May 2011 148May 2011 154May 2011 156May 2011 160

It was a perfect beginning to our summer.