Sunday, October 31, 2010


Well you know we gotta blog about Halloween!

So here we are carving our pumpkins. Notice Megan is the only one working?  That is how it went most of the night.

And . . .  . . here is our finished products.  They looked beautiful, but it has been a little warm here and 3 days later we lit moldy pumpkins for Halloween night!

And here they are all lit up only 3 days later,  remember so gross with their mold.  Good thing it is dark and no one can tell. 

 But, back to Trick-or-Treating.  Here is Megan our Witch.

Braxton being his whatever he made up person so he could wear his hooded cape and carry a sword.

And, here are all the gang ready to head to Trunk-or-Treat.

Then we ended the day with the annual dumping out of the loot and trading candy.  My kids were just excited to be able to trade with someone other than each other.  The funnest was listening to the girls wheel and deal for their favorites.

Sunday, October 17, 2010


I thought I'd better start off with our Girl Scout....

Right before Fall break Megs was welcomed into Girl Scouts.  Which she is very excited about, especially because they had cake at the ceremony.


Then we headed off on a road trip to
Grandpas house with the cousins. 
Don't they all look so excited! 
And that was only after about 2 hours in the car.

Once we got to Grandpas house it
was a Manwaring (Working) vacation.
The boys worked on helping grandpa dig some big trenches
and the girls got to clean windows.

And of course get a ride in the bucket of the tractor.

We spent one afternoon making homemade apple juice
Yummy, Yummy!

And when the kids were bored of pressing the juice
they all had to try bobbing for apples.

We also went to a corn maze which is something new for us Arizonans

Jenny even found us a snack to much on. =)

Over all even though a Manwaring vacation includes a lot of work
we always get a lot of play with cousins and that makes it the best vacation ever.