Sunday, September 11, 2011

What we’ve been up to…..

Well not much, life has been pretty slow for this family.  We did have Beth and her family down for Labor Day Weekend and took the kids horse back riding.  They all had fun just spending time together.  We love to hang with the Owens family.

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The only other excitement here was when our Dishwasher finally died.  We wanted to hold out for the Labor Day sales, so we all got to be reminded what it was like in the old days when you had to actually wash all the dishes by hand.  I think we all were excited to get the new one.

9-2011 031

Yep that is the sigh of relief that it is installed and working.  Not his most favorite thing to do, but totally worth the money saved.

9-2011 035

The first load that did not have to be washed by hand in 4 weeks.

9-2011 039