Sunday, July 19, 2009

Summer Vacation

So much to blog about and not enough time.

1st I have to put a picture of our awesome corn that we grew. Yes, we got a whole 10 ears of corn and then by the time we got home it was all done for the year.

now on to are fun trip. It started out with 3 straight days in the car driving from home to Vanderhoof Canada ( only about 2300 miles) sitting in a car with only a DS and pillows.
In Canada we got to go horse back riding which Megan decided is the most awesome thing ever. We also spent 2 days at a beautiful lake where Brain spoke at a youth conference and we got to play in the water and do a little fishing.

After the Youth Conference we headed down to Washington and spent the 4th of July with Vicki's family. We had lots of fun playing at the Beach in 50 degree weather (Burrr), shooting off fireworks, and eating lots of CRAB.

Then it was back to Idaho where uncle Blake taught us how to have fun in a canal
After we were all canal jumpping experts we headed to Utah, but I have run out of room and time so I will blog that part of the trip later.