Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Summer Fun

This summer we traveled 72 hours in the car, circled through every state around Nevada, some we hit twice and had a wonderful time with all our family.

1st stop: Lincoln City Oregon

The Manwaring Family Reunion.  Where we had lot’s of fun playing in the ocean and enjoying some sweatshirt weather.


The view out our condo window, so beautiful.

Condo view

beach14th of July crafts with aunt Josie & sight seeing old lighthouses.

4th july  Light house

Cousin time and tide pools

Cousins  Ocean

Fun Family Night with Grandma Ginny

Gma ginny

2nd Stop:  The Boise Green Belt

We intended to stop and do some biking on the Boise green belt, but only 5 min. on the trail and we ended up with lot’s of scratched and one broken arm. Broken arm 1

Broken arm

Ami stayed by Megs side through lots of dr. office waiting time. That’s true cousin love.

Megan and Ami


Dinner entertainment after a long day.

Silly boy

3rd Stop: Aunt Rooie’s for a Perm.



4th stop: Utah

More cousin fun!

Summer 2012


Visiting my favorite Grandpa and Grandma Hirschi

Gma gpa hirschi

5th Stop: Red Fish Lake

climbing on the logs


taking a tour of the kids dragon museum

Dinosaur museum

Finally heading home

Toe swimming at the hotel.  Poor Girl =(

Toe swimming


Megan’s new man.  I think he is a keeper!

New man